I was first licensed as a Novice Class in 1971 at 15 years of age in the Seattle area.  In the early 1980s, after college, I moved to the Jersey Shore and my ham radio project became development of AMTOR hardware and firmware.   I was also part of the team that developed the TAPR TNC-2 packet radio controller.  Fast forwarding to present time, I’m a member of the Garden State Amateur Radio Association based in Tinton Falls NJ ( and a life member of the ARRL.

I was off the air from about 2000 to 2016, but I’m now slowly getting reacquainted with the hobby.  I’m more of a radio experimenter and tinkerer than an operator.  Most my ham radio time is spent at my workbench developing circuits and writing computer programs.  When I do get on the air I log HF contacts via LoTW (although I’m a bit slow about uploading the data) but I also gladly exchange paper QSL cards, either direct or via the bureau.

Check out my Projects page to see some of the things I’m working on.