Need a speaker to give a talk to your ham club or microcomputer club?  Below are some topics that I’d be happy to present and discuss at local club meetings.  I do most presentations via my own laptop which provides a standard HDMI output.  If your club has access to an HDMI projector we should have smooth sailing.

Low Cost Digital Mode (Sound Card) Interfaces

I’ve been working for a couple of years on several sound card interfaces that make use of a low cost sound dongle, and published an article about this project in the October 2018 issues of QST magazine.  I have several versions that provide different features, features that  I think are important to the way I like to operate.

Firmware Development on Arduino and ATtiny HW Platforms using Microchip MPLAB X IDE

I’m no expert on MPLAB X IDE, but I’ve gotten past most of the common initial stumbling blocks to get started debugging code with it.  I  show others how to get up to speed on the basics of using MPLAB X IDE using the ATmega328P Xplained board, a $9 board that is substantially similar to an Arduino Uno and *includes* an on-board In-Circuit-Emulator (ICE) with break-point debugging.  If there’s interest I can also show how to use MPLAB X IDE with AVR Curiosity Nano boards.

Short Range Ebay UHF RX/TX Data Modules

On Ebay there are an abundance of sub $3 transmitters and receivers for 315 MHz and 433 MHz data transmission, mostly using ON-OFF transmitters (just like CW) and super-regenerative receivers.  These devices can easily be controlled with Arduino and Raspberry Pi processors to transmit and receive telemetry and other data over a short range.  I give an overview of how I used them in my own applications as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

Radio Selective Calling

Selective calling is somewhat counter-culture for ham radio, since hams rely mainly on voice calling on repeaters or net frequencies.  Yet radio selective calling has always been a special interest of mine, probably due to my experience with college jobs involving MTS and IMTS VHF Radio Telephone Systems.   I describe several selective systems that have been used in the commercial services that may be of interest to hams.  They include Motorola Quik-Call II (two tone pagers), Bell 106A (MTS Dial Pulse from way, way back in history), DTMF (Touch-Tone), SITOR B and even CW.  FYI, back in the day AT&T’s Maritime HF ship-to-shore radio stations  used both CW and SITOR B for selective calling on HF radio channels.