I recently purchased a new TYT TH-UV88 hand held VHF/UHF transceiver for $30, which I think is a great price price point for a radio with the features it offers. The radio feels solid mechanically, so it’s off to a good start. I look forward to a technical review of the radio based on it’s operational characteristics, using something like the ARRL Test Procedures Manual, a detail test plan that describes how to test a transceiver. Here’s a link the ARRL Test Procedures Manual, and if you are not already logged into the ARRL website you will need to do so to see the manual. I don’t know if the ARRL will give a complimentary copy of this manual to radio manufacturers, but I suspect that they might. The the Test Procedures Manual described how to test things like TX output power, deviation limiter operation, distortion of TX modulation, harmonic emission, spurious emissions, etc. RX measurements include RX 12dB SINAD point, RX modulation distortion, adjacent channel rejection, overload rejection, etc.

I bought this radio primarily for it’s Two Tone encode/decode system (selective calling, like the two tone paging system used by volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians) and also to use for APRS. The fact I can also use it on our local VHF and UHF voice FM repeaters is a plus.

The radio comes with a small CD that includes PC software to program the radio, as well as a programming cable. Also included on the CD are instructions on how to burn new firmware into the radio and HEX code for the latest firmware update. I found the instructions for the firmware update to be a little hard to follow, so I wrote my on instructions for that. Here’s a link to my version of the firmware update instructions: My own instruction for burning new firmware in the radio